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A majority of the U.S. population now has access to legalized cannabis in some form. What’s the track record so far? Here’s everything you need to know:

Where is weed legal?

Recreational use is now fully legal in eight states plus Washington, D.C., after voters in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine approved marijuana ballot initiatives earlier this month. On Election Day, voters in Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota brought the tally of states with legal medical marijuana to 28. Though cannabis is still illegal under federal law, Election Day was widely considered a tipping point for the legalization movement. A recent Gallup poll found that 60 percent of Americans now approve of legalizing marijuana, and there is a growing bipartisan consensus that the $1 trillion war on drugs has failed. Criminalizing the use and sale of drugs has sent millions of nonviolent criminals to prison a disproportionate number of them black and empowered violent drug cartels. At the same time, there is growing scientific research showing that casual cannabis use by adults is fairly safe less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Another major factor propelling legalization is that states can tax it and get a big boost in revenues. As one pro-legalization ad in Colorado put it: “Jobs for our people. Money for our schools. Who could ask for more?”

What’s happened in states that legalized weed?

There have been some huge upsides, as well as serious downsides. In Colorado, the booming new cannabis industry has created more than 18,000 full-time jobs and generated $2.4 billion in economic activity. The state tightly regulates weed sales: Adults over 21 can possess only 28 grams, and marijuana plants are tagged with a radio-frequency ID chip so that they can be tracked. Products are tested for potency and contaminants, and are sold in child-resistant containers. “There are a certain number of folks, like myself, who were pretty reticent about [legalization] to begin with,” says House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, a Democrat. “[But] the sky didn’t fall.”

What are the downsides?

Legal-weed states have experienced a significant jump in marijuana-related DUIs. In Washington state, a record 745 drivers who were pulled over on suspicion of DUI in the first six months after legalization tested positive for THC, the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana, compared with 1,000 over the entire previous year. At the same time, the number of drivers involved in fatal car crashes who tested positive for THC rose by 48 percent between 2013 and 2014, when legalized marijuana hit the market. Hospitalizations for overdoses are also up. “Washington serves as an eye-opening case study for what other states may experience with road safety after legalizing the drug,” says Peter Kissinger, CEO of the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Why are hospitalizations up?

A big factor is edibles, says Dr. Michael DiStefano, who has seen at least 15 children admitted to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital Colorado for accidentally ingesting cannabis. Edibles “look like regular candy,” DiStefano says. The number of overall patients hospitalized in Colorado who admitted to marijuana use spiked from 809 per 100,000 before legalization to 2,413 per 100,000 afterward.

Is overall weed use up?

Yes. As weed has become legal, easier to obtain, and cheaper, more Americans are smoking on a regular basis. About 10 million more Americans smoke marijuana now than 12 years ago, and the number who admit to using the drug on a daily or near-daily basis has more than doubled, to 8.4 million people. About half of those heavy users reported symptoms of abuse or dependency, including getting stoned even when it negatively affected their relationships or jobs. “You’re seeing this headlong rush into another addictive industry without knowing what widespread marijuana use is going to do to society,” says Jeffrey Zinsmeister, co-founder of the anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. And though teen-use rates have so far stayed stable in legal-weed states, there is concern that the drug’s normalization will gradually encourage more adolescents to smoke. That’s particularly worrying given that scientific studies have connected adolescent marijuana use to a significant loss of IQ points and an increased risk of psychotic illness.

Will it be legalized nationally?

With Donald Trump’s election, that’s now completely up in the air. Weed is strictly prohibited under federal law and classified as a Schedule 1 drug the same category as heroin but the Obama administration has chosen not to enforce that law in legal-weed states. Before Nov. 9, advocates were gearing up to lobby Congress and Hillary Clinton on federal legalization. But Trump is an unknown quantity. In previous years the Republican president-elect has made comments in favor of medical marijuana, but Vice Presidentelect Mike Pence and some potential Cabinet picks are hard-liners on drugs. Trump’s election “does not bode well” for legalization, says the Drug Policy Alliance’s Ethan Nadelmann. “There are various ways in which a hostile White House could trip things up.”

Weed baths and bacon brittle

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have their own marijuana lines. Dispensaries sell tens of different strains of weed with names like Kamikaze, King Bubba, and Ebola some of which come with a “sweet floral aroma” or are “intoxicatingly potent.” The green rush has sparked a boom in Big Pot, as tobacco companies look to profit from a new market and tech companies like Microsoft cash in by developing software systems for cannabis growers. Then there are the hundreds of marijuana-related products that have hit the markets in legal-weed states ranging from the artisanal to the frankly bizarre. In Colorado, nearly half of all marijuana sales are for THC-infused items, like edibles, pills, and drops. Pot shops sell ice cream laced with the drug, as well as cannabis-infused breath spray, energy shots, and even bacon brittle. In the budding weed beauty industry, there are marijuana massage oils as well as body lotions and lip balms. “One woman told me she bought the Heavenly Hash Bath so she and her boyfriend could have a romantic night,” says Dahlia Mertens, who owns a weed beauty business in Colorado. “He proposed in the tub!”



Obama’s Climate Plan Will Survive Legal Challenge – New York Magazine

Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images History will probably record the green-energy revolution as the Obama administrations most important accomplishment. The daisy chain of events began with $90 billion in green-energy subsidies in the stimulus; continued through a wide array of greenhouse-gas-reducing regulations of transportation, construction, and electric power; and culminated with international agreements with China and then the entire world. There are two potential threats to this legacy. The first is a federal lawsuit to block President Obamas Clean Power Plan, which will lock in and extend emissions reductions in the power sector. Without the plan, the United States would have difficulty meeting its emissions-reduction targets, a failure that could well kick the slats out beneath the Paris climate agreement.

But now that plan is almost certain to survive. The reasons for this are slightly byzantine. The legal challenge will be heard by the D.C. Circuit, a powerful federal court. Judge Nina Pillard, a Democratic appointee, has previously recused herself from a decision about whether the entire court would hear the case, throwing her participation into doubt. But the court announced today she would join the full ruling. Pillard would mean that five six Democratic appointees would sit on the ten-member panel. While judges do not always vote on party lines, Democratic appointees generally do not support activist conservative causes like overturning environmental regulations.

If every Republican judge on the D.C. Circuit votes to strike down the Clean Power plan and somehow persuade one Democratic appointee to join them, the case would go to the Supreme Court. But that court is also split 4-4, and a tie would mean the plan survives.

It is strange how little attention Obamas climate agenda receives given its global importance. The drama has played out in bureaucratic regulations, court rulings, and international negotiations not the legislative fights that draw passionate floor speeches in Congress or angry town-hall meetings. Yet, here we are, in a world where zero-emission energy is plunging in cost, solar energy is cheaper than coal or natural gas in much of the developing world far cheaper, in some places and a wide array of green-energy technologies are advancing at a furious pace.

Meanwhile, the Republican view of energy policy remains locked in the past. The party refuses to acknowledge the findings of climate science and treats the restoration of the primacy of fossil fuels as its central energy goal. All of which underscores the one remaining threat to Obamas green-energy revolution: Trump might win.

Update: This post originally undercounted the Democratic appointees on the D.C. Circuit by one. The Courts Democratic majority makes it even less likely the Plan will be struck down.

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The Following ONE HUNDRED Points To Quickly Do About Mesothelioma.

After the cancer affects the lining surrounding the stomach, it’s called peritoneal mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma cancer is generally talked about as though it’s a type of lung cancer.

Other mesothelium tissue is, in addition, susceptible to mesothelioma. In case these tests indicate the likelihood of mesothelioma, then it’s necessary to do a biopsy to verify the medical diagnosis.

This will be based on exactly what sort of mesothelioma it’s, the patients age and health, and most significantly at exactly what phase the cancer was identified. It’s the most typical kind of mesothelioma cancer. Photodynamic treatment is just another brand-new mesothelioma treatment that is definitely undergoing trial. Go to if you really would enjoy to discover more about mesothelioma and other asbestos-related health scenarios. Any sort of cancer is merely terrible news. Lots of yous experiencing mesothelioma cancer aren’t attentive to the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Mesothelioma cancer is a fairly new sort of cancer that’s very severe and life threatening, just like most types of cancer. Mesothelioma cancer is an unusual type of cancer that is triggered as an outcome of exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma is just a cancer happening within this lining.

You ought to have to gather details regarding legal representatives who manage mesothelioma cancer cases. There are four primary kinds of mesothelioma cancer. Pleural Mesothelioma is easily the most common type. Biphasic mesothelioma isn’t an independent range of mesothelioma, but rather a mix of sarcomatoid and epithelioid. Sarcomatoid mesothelioma cancer has ended up being the most major type of mesothelioma cancer, as it’s the least likely to react to treatment.

For those who have actually gotten a mesothelioma medical diagnosis due to the fact that of asbestos direct exposure, consult with a physician about your own mesothelioma prognosis and an attorney relating to possible legal action. In this circumstances, the cancer you stays in phase I Mesothelioma.

To understand exactly what the most effective technique to really get your mesothelioma case detected, you got to consult your own medical professional. In some circumstances, the trachea or windpipe might end up being contaminated. Individuals who are identified with mesothelioma cancer frequently have difficulty dealing with the disease. The prognosis of the disease is normally bad along with the life span is also extremely low. It’s a method which is very helpful in relieving discomfort associated to mesothelioma. The majority of these symptoms are common with other more common conditions which include the typical cold and flu. Individuals that are experiencing these symptoms may currently have bronchitis. Chances of recovering from Mesothelioma and the range of treatment truly depend on the stage of the illness.

Mesothelioma cancer is a rather rare and unsafe sort of diseases which might assault the human bodies in certain regions for example pericardium, pleura and peritoneum. Asbestos can likewise lead to various types of chronic lung disease and breathing problems like problem breathing. This damage might then trigger mesothelioma cancer, and it’s this damage that’s the most normal source of mesothelioma cancer.

Among the main ways by which mesothelioma cancer discomfort might be treated is with the application of correct medication. Individuals thinking all sorts of asbestos exposure in the recent past, must also speak with the doctor instantly as the most recent exposure treatment can help avoid severe health issues. Other symptoms will be different agreeing with the kind of the condition.

The individual might suffer serious pain near to the parts affected. Some side-effects will be dependent on the sort of drugs used, quantity of substance abuse, as well as the number of solution cycles. Certain side-effects are typical, notwithstanding the type of substance abuse in treatment.

Its rarity is among the reasons that a great deal of individuals do not know of this kind of deadly disease. Excessive asbestos exposure, though unusual, might result in this kind of lethal condition. There are actually rare instances when it’s observed that asbestos direct exposure is actually not the offender, however even in these incredibly uncommon instances it truly is possible the individual was exposed to asbestos (indirectly) without even knowing it. There are various studies which have actually checked out risk aspects related to asbestos direct exposure.

When the individual comes straight into contact with all the asbestos fibers, direct asbestos exposure occurs. Individuals within the high-risk groups include people that are directly subjected to asbestos fibers.

Just Want To Say Hello and Welcome to My Webpage About Law

Good day everyone – I wanted to welcome you to my weblog where I intend on authoring every little thing I can relating to the legal field. As you be aware of, while attorneys can do plenty of good in these times, there is also a foul stereotype regarding us too.

Bottom line, if you are looking to keep up-to-date on the latest info about law and attorneys, I’ll do my best to keep this weblog current to help you always come back and learn.


Just Want To Say Hello and Welcome to My Site Regarding Law

Hey everybody – I wanted to greet you to my site where I would like on posting every little thing I am able to regarding the legal field. As you may realize, while attorneys are capable of doing a lot of good in these times, there is also a nasty stereotype concerning us too.

Bottom line, if you are looking to keep up-to-date on the most recent info about regulations and attorneys, I’ll do my best to maintain this blog up to date so that you can consistently come back and learn.

Chat soon!

The US economy’s biggest puzzle explained in 2 paragraphs

jigsaw puzzle Wikimedia Commons

The US labor market is a bit of a puzzle.

While the market has been broadly strong over the last couple of years, two dynamics have continued to challenge economists, policymakers, and market watchers: hiring folks has become more difficult, but wage growth remains somewhat sluggish.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s latest Beige Book report included commentary from executives in the IT and software space in Boston that summed up this conundrum nicely.

From the Fed (emphasis added):

“A contact that sells software solutions for health care providers experienced over-the-year growth in revenues in the high single-digits and growth in operating profits in the low double-digits. The same firm’s prices are unchanged but its labor costs fell as the pace of retirements doubled between the first and second quarter of 2016. The firm is hiring across the board, but is setting very high quality standards when hiring new software developers.

“A manufacturing IT contact reports over-the-year growth in bookings in the low teens. Investments and hiring at that firm are focused on ‘internet of things’ projects, which are seeing stronger demand growth than traditional industrial projects. The firm’s net hiring budget is flat, and competition for labor to fill financial positions is described as robust.”

In thebold sections we see two distinct things happening.

The pace of retirements keeping labor costs down is a clear example of a theme some research has touched on, namely that older, more expensive workers are retiring and beingreplaced by younger workers who command less salary.

This is keeping a lid on headline wage growth, which while rising to a pace of 2.6% year-on-year in June, is still not accelerating to the extent that the Fed would perhaps like to see.

hourly earnings Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from Bureau of Labor Statistics

These comments also indicate that to replace the retiring employees, this firm is remaining selective, putting pressure on the number of days it takes to fill job openings, a measure that stands at 29, the longest since in at least 15 years.

daysjobopen Deutsche Bank

This is also a skilled position, so by “setting very high quality standards,” the firm likely contributes to the following chart thatwe’ve contended shows a skills gap in the US economy, as evidenced by the gulf between the change in the number of hires in the economy and the number of jobs open.

hires vs openings Business Insider/BLS

George Pearkes, an analyst with Bespoke Investment Group, noted on Twitter following the report that these anecdotes are compelling evidence to look beyond the average-hourly-earnings measure as a way to gauge wage growth.

And as we highlighted in a post on Monday, looking at wages in the leisure and hospitality space where Starbucks just raised pay and wages rose 4% year-on-year in June shows pressures building in sectors of the economy where we have lower-skilled workers and more worker churn.

This increase in wages at the so-called low end of the labor market can be seen as a clear sign of tightness and strength in the labor market.

Headline wage growth is always going to get the most play when it comes to discussing the broad category of worker pay.

But the secular shift away from an aging read: expensive labor force into one that is younger will make breaking down wage pressures challenging and require a more granular look of what’s happening, or isn’t, in the US labor market.